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Day Hospice at St Joseph's

In the second of our films for #DyingMattersWeek we feature Day Hospice, a place of joy, creativity and for many, the favourite day of the week.

Day Hospice takes place three days a week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. It's run by Amy, Zenab and Jackie (pictured). Patients come for one of these days for 12 weeks. It starts at 10.30am and finishes around 2.30pm. You'll have tea and toast, do arts and crafts, have some complementary therapy, if you want it of course, and you can see one of our nursing team or doctors if you have any medical concerns. Or you can just sit and read the paper if you want to.

There's lunch in the restaurant, sometimes entertainers come in and sing in the afternoons or you can settle in for a game of bingo. 

Last year we had around 125 patients using our Day Hospice service, why not take a look and see if you think it might work for you.



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