Tina’s Story

We’d like to share the story of Tina Rose Alexander, who died at the Hospice in July 2023 at the age of just 62, in the words of her family. A shorter version of Tina’s story features in our Winter 2024 edition of Life magazine.


Tina Rose Clayton was born in the East End of London on 28th August 1960, to parents that weren’t really parents to her and her younger brother David. She spent a lot of her time with her great Aunt and Nan, where she really experienced unconditional love. Tina was disowned by the rest of her family when she entered a relationship with Daniel Alexander who was of a different ethnicity: in the late 70’s and early 80’s this was much less common or accepted. Tina had two girls, Macala and Rachael, prior to her relationship with Daniel, whom he took on as his own, and then the couple had two children of their own, Wesley and Charlene. Many years passed and Tina and Daniel got married, becoming Mr and Mrs Alexander. They lived life together, creating many memories until Tina’s last day on this earth.

Tina Wedding

Tina and Daniel on their wedding day

Tina’s life was very short lived but also very compacted with the unconditional love and memories shared in the 62 beautiful years. God truly blessed us with one of His most beautiful Angels to call Wife, Mum, Nan, grandma, sister, friend, whose legacy will live on through her husband, four children, sixteen grandchildren, six great-grandchildren and her brother David.

Tina had a heart of gold and always put others before herself, right up to the day she took her last breath. She was still sorting out her last bills to be paid, arrangements for a fundraiser for St Joseph Hospice and even her own funeral.

She even did her own eulogy to be played at her funeral; such a strong, amazing, inspiring, beautiful human being.

The staff in the Hospice was always respectful, supportive, patient and attentive, no matter how demanding Queenie (one of Tina’s many nicknames) got in the end. Tina had everything she wanted and the doctors and nurses allowed for us as a family to spend quality time with our loved one. As short as it was, they made it as pleasant and as comfortable as could be.

Tina and Daniel spoke about fundraising for the Hospice as it is of both of their natures to help others and to give to those who need help. We are a family led by God to do what is right in life, not only for ourselves but more so for those around us.

Tina was given the all clear of cancer a few weeks before giving her testimony at her son’s baptism on 20th May 2023, and she gave her life back to Christ by getting baptised with her son and Daughter-in-law Dominique. This was so important for the next part of her life journey.

Tina’s faith was rock solid right to the end and nothing meant more to her then doing right by Jesus. She told us she could see Jesus in the distance when she closed her eyes, but He said it wasn’t her time yet. Tina’s faith never changed, not one little bit. No matter what she went through, she never doubted God once, she never said “why me?”, she believed in God’s promises and was happy to go home to be with her Lord and Saviour.

Tina Family

Tina and her family

Tina sowed a seed of faith in many people’s hearts throughout her life, but through her death Tina showed the definition of a true woman of God. Tina asked everyone to rejoice and celebrate her life and not to mourn her death. Her faith gave a lot of people hope, and some, even a reality check that anyone can change.

16th July 2023 was the last day we spoke, hugged, kissed or took pictures together.

Tina told us that Jesus was walking towards her now, and that it was her last day with us here on Earth. A few hours later, at around 1:30am on 17th July, her words became a reality. As we prayed and spoke to our Wife and Mum, we watched her take her last breath as she heard a voice telling her to go be with her beloved Jesus and it was done.

It was like a scene out of a movie; so sad but so beautiful at the same time, for those in faith believe that we will meet again.

This was Tina’s message that she left behind for all to hear at the funeral she had planned, where everyone celebrated Tina Rose Alexander’s beautiful and inspirational life. She said “Wear bright colours and rejoice for me like you’re at a wedding, rejoice for me like I will be in heaven with all the angels”.


All of Tina’s funeral plans were met. It was the best send-off ever, and much deserved for such a pure and beautiful, faithful soul. We love, honour and miss you so much and never will that change, may you rest in peace, and the Lord protect you until we meet again.

We would like to thank St Joseph’s Hospice for the online tribute page and also the memorial leaf plaque on the tree of life, which is dedicated to our late Wife and Mum. It is always nice to see the pictures and nice comments people make about our loved one. Thank you all so much once again for everything you have done for us as a family – we appreciate it and we are so very grateful.

May God continue to bless, guide and protect you all for many years to come, in Jesus mighty name, Amen.

Yours sincerely,

The Alexander family

We’d like to thank Tina’s loved ones for sharing her story, as well as the £949 raised by her friends and family for the Hospice on her Lasting Tribute page. We hope that her loved ones find comfort in visiting her leaf on the Memory Tree, and knowing that the money raised in her memory will go to providing compassionate care for other local people with life-limiting conditions.

Tina Leaf