Our Community Palliative Care Team work closely with GPs and  district  nurses in the community to help deliver your care.

The Community Palliative Care Team includes a range of professionals who will support your physical and  spiritual needs; clinical nurse specialists, occupational therapists, social  workers, physiotherapists, specialist doctors and  counsellors. 

 They provide expert guidance on symptoms such as pain, breathlessness, tiredness and  loss of appetite and can  also provide supportive care  on social,  emotional and  spiritual matters. They may be involved at an early stage of your illness or at a later stage. 

What happens if I am referred to the Community Palliative Care Team? 

The team will meet  to talk about your health  and the care  you need now and may need in the future. They  will also decide which professionals you will need to see. This might be a clinical nurse specialist (CNS), a physiotherapist or a social worker, or another member of the team. 

They will then contact you to make  an initial assessment. This is likely to be by phone. They will listen and get to know what is important to you, providing  the support and  advice you need. After this first contact, you will be able to speak to the team at St Joseph’s Hospice at any time by telephone and  if appropriate a home visit will be arranged. 

How can I access these services? 

St Joseph’s Hospice provides community palliative care  nursing  across City and Hackney, Tower Hamlets and  Newham. All of our services are free of charge. 

Will my GP still be involved in my care? 

Yes. Your GP remains in charge of your care at home. They will continue to take responsibility for your prescriptions and we advise you to ask your GP for any repeat prescriptions you may need. We will work closely with your GP but it is important you let us know about any changes to your medications or treatment plan. Please contact your GP or district nurse if you have run out of medication or need dressings. 

Does the team provide hands on care? 

The team is there  to give you advice and support but they do not provide  practical hands on care. If the team feel you could benefit  from having carers, they will ensure a referral is made to enable you to receive this care. 

If you or someone you know has a life-limiting illness and you think they could benefit from a visit from our Community Palliative  Care,  call  the First Contact Team on  0300 30 30 400.