Safeguarding at St Joseph’s

Our Safeguarding Adults and Children procedures help ensure that the Hospice and its services constitute a safe place for all, consistent with its core values of dignity, compassion, justice, quality and advocacy. Working together we help protect our patients and their families from the risk of abuse, harm and neglect

Who helps to support our safeguarding practice at St Joseph’s?

Safeguarding Enablers

The hospice social workers offer consultation and advice in relation any safeguarding matter. If you have a concern that someone who uses a St Joseph’s service may be at risk of abuse, harm or neglect, please contact one of our safeguarding enablers in the first instance:

Rowena Durant – Social Work Manager (020 8525 6093)

Joanne Sharp – Senior Social Worker (020 8525 6038)

Martha Walker – Social Worker (020 8525 6073)

Safeguarding Manager

The Safeguarding Manager is responsible for the implementation, monitoring and development of Safeguarding practice within St Joseph’s, and provides guidance and support to the Safeguarding Enablers:

John Wilson – Head of Supportive Care (020 8525 3022)

Safeguarding Principle Accountable Person

The Safeguarding Principle Accountable Person is the principle accountable person and liaises with the Care Quality Commission in relation to safeguarding matters:

Jane Naismith – Director of Clinical Services (020 8525 3007)