The report found the service was caring and people and their relatives spoke consistently about the caring and compassionate attitude of staff, with one person saying “I can’t praise the staff enough” and another commenting “Staff are great, they understand what I need.” 

St Joseph’s Hospice lies in the heart of Hackney covering Newham and Tower Hamlets, some of the poorest boroughs in the country housing people with a wide range of complex needs. The CQC report showed that St Joseph’s understands and meets the needs of people from all backgrounds whether those needs are regarding their disabilities, culture, race or sexual orientation. One person explained “They recognise my relative as a unique individual with a very real personality.” 

The report also highlighted the focus on person-centred care that ensures physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual and social needs are met with one person commenting, “I can’t personally find fault with anything.”  Another said “The service is brilliant, staff here are amazing.” 

The inspection also found that St Joseph’s offers a wide range of education and training programmes for staff, volunteers and external health and social care professionals to develop their knowledge and expertise.