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Our team of physiotherapists will support you in working towards the goals you may have, to help improve your quality of life within the limitations of your illness. This may be in one to one sessions, in a group exercise and education class or in your own home.

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Occupational therapy

Maintaining routine and independence in daily activities can be challenging when you are trying to cope with the symptoms of a life-limiting illness. We will work closely with you, supporting you to take part in daily life activities that are meaningful to you.

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Speech and language therapy

If you are finding it difficult to talk or swallow because of your illness, our Speech and Language Therapists are on hand to help. They can support you to improve your communication, eating, drinking and decision-making.

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Diet and nutrition

St Joseph’s has a specialist palliative care dietitian who works with inpatients and outpatients to assess, diagnose and treat any dietary and nutritional problems that you may have.


Complementary therapies

We care for the whole person which means supporting your mental wellbeing as well as your physical needs.

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Empowered Living Team

The Volunteer-led Empowered Living Team supports people with serious, life-limiting illness self-manage their condition, maintain independence and get more out of life.