Our Namaste Care Service has a new name

The Namaste programme started around 20 years ago and at St Joseph’s Hospice we have been lucky enough to be able to offer this incredible volunteer-led service to our patients for the past 10 years.

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There have however been many changes since our service began 10 years ago and so it felt like the ideal opportunity to give it a new name and logo that better reflects the work that we do – the service will now be called Dementia Wellbeing East London.

What better way to announce our new name than at a special event held today at the Hospice, an exhibition of community member Shirley’s artwork. Curating this exhibition was motivated by our desire to celebrate all the incredible people we have the honour and privilege to work with. In the past year we have matched 65 community members with volunteers. In connecting with community members we find joys, talents, sparks, sadness, which make this the most wonderful job and why we are very proud of the work that we do and the people that we work with.

Like many of the services we offer at the hospice, Compassionate Neighbours, Empowered Living Team for example, we simply couldn’t run them without our fantastic team of volunteers who provide creativity, kindness and connection, they are quite simply brilliant.

We currently have 31 volunteers, some have been with us from day one, and we are incredibly grateful for their time, commitment and care.

When we were writing the creative brief for our new logo we were very specific in that we wanted it to include an image of touch/connection something that reflects the loving kindness that is central to our work and reflects the positive spirit of what we do. We think we have achieved that in our new logo which you can see below.

A massive thank you to my colleagues Carmel and Gill, it has been a very busy time of change and they have stepped up time and again I am extremely proud and grateful to work in such an incredible team of staff and volunteers.

Rachael Underhill, Team Manager, Dementia Wellbeing East London Team