Our new Compassionate Neighbours!

Learn more about our recent Compassionate Neighbours training in March

Recently we trained 22 new Compassionate Neighbours which made this the largest group of trainees we have trained to date. The group was diverse in age, culture and experience. The oldest being 93 years old to the youngest, who was 19 years old.

The group began to bond on the first day and started to form friendships. We created a friendly, safe and welcoming atmosphere and encouraged participants to express, share and talk about sensitive topics/issues on death and dying, grief loss and Dementia. The group gave 100% and engaged and participated well throughout the two days.

The team’s reflections on the training:

After the training many of them were ready and eager to be matched with a Community Member. It always feels like a sense of achievement after training and this large group created a really positive energy that carried us  all through two long Saturdays.

We are always impressed with how people are open and eager to engage in our two days of training. We are mindful of people giving their time and energy and we want it to be fun and immersive.

Leading up to the training it was exciting to see that such a range of ages where returning back to the hospice to become Compassionate Neighbours and we are pleased to say we have Community Members for all of them.

The wealth of knowledge and experience within the group was inspiring. Many accumulative years between them. They immersed themselves in the role play, group discussion and group work. This always helps to get the best experience and learn from one and other. There was not one participant of the training that did not contribute which demonstrated the openness of the group and safe space that was provided to allow free expression.

Quotes from Compassionate Neighbours training – The best parts of the training

‘The interaction among the participants. The variety of subjects covered. The sensitivity of the group leaders and the excellent venue and catering’ and;

‘All sessions were relaxing and at the same time so informative, helpful and interesting’

‘Meeting a great bunch of people, hopefully future good friends!’