Compassionate Neighbours Summer Celebration

Read more about our Compassionate Neighbours Celebration Event this summer.

Summer Celebration Event

On Saturday 9th September (the hottest day of the year!) our Compassionate Neighbours held a summer celebration event in our beautiful gardens.

A group of dedicated Compassionate Neighbours organised the event to celebrate everyone’s hard work over the last few years, particularly during the difficult time of the pandemic.

The turnout was excellent with 45 Compassionate Neighbours braving to heat to come together alongside some of their community members and families.

The event was part of a wider network celebration over the summer, as the network has grown over the past 5-10 years and currently includes 14 hospices around London and the South East. Each of the 14 hospices that have a CN project held their own event.

Each group were allocated a letter of the alphabet to create a piece of artwork that will be used to promote the work of Compassionate Neighbours.

Img 2467

The letter ‘S’ decorated by the St Joseph’s Hospice Team is just one letter making up the word ‘Compassionate’. The artwork was created by a small team of Compassionate Neighbours working together and sharing ideas and skills, to produce something beautiful that would both celebrate and emphasise the importance of their roles as volunteers.

The work put into the artwork also highlights the rich diversity of both volunteers and our community members, and the blossoming of wonderful friendships.

We’re delighted that there are now more than 3000 trained CN’s volunteering in the Compassionate Neighbours program, providing emotional and social support to those that need it most in the community, every day.


If you’d like to find out more about our work with Compassionate Neighbours, see here.