Doris’ Story

Sometimes, we’ll never know why someone has chosen to remember the Hospice with a gift in their will. All we want to do is say thank you!

Doris Clarke

Leaving a gift in your Will means that we can continue to provide compassionate care, free of charge, to those who need it in our community. It helps us to plan ahead, and ensures we can keep providing our services to patients and families who need us

We’d like to say a massive thank you to Doris Clarke, who lived a long and extraordinary life, and at the end of it, gave the gift of compassionate care back to her community in East London, despite having no known connection to St Joseph’s Hospice in her lifetime. Her family have given us permission to share the below about Doris.

“Doris was born in 1917 and lived for 105 years. She was a true Londoner, where she was brought up after the First World War. She became a civil servant and worked right through to her nineties for the Inland Revenue and His Majesty’s Revenue and Customs. She travelled widely, was an avid Spurs fan and supported many charities, most notably, the Royal Ballet. She lived independently and worked for her local church in Enfield until the age of 100. She spent the last few years of her life in good health, in a care home in Enfield. She died in 2022, and is survived by one son and her daughter in law.”

Doris sits in a wheelchair, alongside her cousin, Christopher. Doris has left the Hospice a gift in her Will.

Doris pictured with cousin Christopher

We are so grateful that Doris chose to remember the Hospice when she wrote her Will. Our heartfelt thank you also goes to her family for giving us permission to tell her story.

If you have left a gift in your Will to the Hospice, we would love to be able to thank you in life, if you chose to let us know. You can call us on 020 8525 3200, or email us on Alternatively, you can let us know by filling out the web form.

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