Hospice visiting and wearing a face covering

Please note that all visitors to healthcare facilities which includes the Hospice are now required by law to wear a face covering. You will not be permitted to enter the Hospice without one. This doesn’t have to be a mask, a cloth face covering is sufficient.

Please also remember to wash your hands regularly and use hand sanitisers often to help prevent the spread of infection.

Each patient can have up to six nominated visitors from a maximum of two households or support bubble for a fixed two hour period per day – you will be given a two hour time slot. The same six people must visit each day.  This is to ensure that everyone does not visit at once and that we are able to maintain social distancing and keep our patients and staff safe.

Visitors will be allocated a time slot by the ward team. Please download our Patient Visiting leaflet and bring it with you.

Visitors must not have any symptoms or be living in a household with anyone who has symptoms of  Covid -19 and the same people must visit on each occasion. If you have any questions about our visiting policy please speak to the nurse looking after your loved one or see the Hospice Visiting leaflet below.

We will check you temperature on arrival. If it is above 37.5c you will not be admitted. You will also be asked COVID-19 screening questions and will need to show a negative Lateral Flow Test strip on arrival as per our leaflet and guidance.

Our community services are fully operational and we are continuing to provide care and treatment for patients and carers. Please continue to contact us in the usual way. We are also supporting individuals, families and groups to stay in touch through telephone and video contact across all our services, including those on-site services and groups that are currently suspended.

For those on our inpatient wards, we have tablet devices through which patients can keep in regular contact with their loved ones despite the restrictions on visitors. Staff are on hand to help patients with this if they are unsure how to make use of the technology.


Getting here & parking

We are located on Mare Street, Hackney, E8 4SA.

Coming by car

St Joseph’s Hospice is situated in the heart of Hackney on Mare Street and is easily reached by public transport. Parking in our small car park is only available for blue badge holders and families of end of life patients by prior arrangement with the Hospice.

There are metered parking places in some of the streets around the area.

If you are coming to the Hospice for a meeting, training course or event, please take public transport as you will not be able to park in our car park.

Coming by public transport

Bus: take the 26, 55, 106, 254 or D6

Tube: closest tube station Bethnal Green

Train: closest stations Cambridge Heath or London Fields which provide onward connections to Liverpool Street, Walthamstow, Chingford and beyond.


Mare Street
E8 4SA
United Kingdom

Information for your stay

We’ll do everything we can to make your stay at the Hospice as comfortable as possible. Please remember that we are here to help so if you have any questions or concerns, please speak to one of our team who will be very happy to help.

Do I need to take a Lateral Flow Test before I visit a patient?

Yes. As from 1st July you MUST do a test a lateral flow (LFT) test before you visit, these tests tell us if you are likely to have COVID-19 the results can be red after 30 minutes .We will provide you with a box of 7 tests. Please do one each day before you visit. Please ask for more test kits if you need them. You can also get test kits for free  from your local pharmacy

What happens if my test is positive or invalid?

If your test result is POSITIVE or INVALIDYOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO VISIT. Please follow the instructions in the leaflet that came with your test kits.

Do you have a leaflet explaining how to do the test?

Yes. Here is a link to the leaflet. Please download and print off. You can also pick up a copy of the leaflet the next time you visit the Hospice or we can email it to you.

What will I need to bring with me?

  • Clothes and footwear for during the day. We encourage patients to get dressed if they feel well enough
  • Night clothes, dressing gown and slippers
  • Toiletries, hairbrush, toothbrush, toothpaste, make up, shaving equipment
  • Books or magazines
  • Mobile phone, laptop or iPad. Please remember to bring any chargers you need. These will be checked by our electrician before they can be used. You will be responsible for these items
  • A small amount of money, as we have a café and we also offer some newspapers
  • All your medicines, which should be in labelled original boxes, bottles or blister packs
  • Any dressings and medical equipment you use, for example catheters or breathing machines. If you use BIPAP and have a spare machine, please bring it with you
  • Outpatient appointment letters and transport details
  • Towels and table top mirrors are provided

Will I need to bring any money?

We strongly advise you not to bring in large amounts of money or valuables.  However, we understand that this is sometimes necessary. You will be asked about this on admission and will be encouraged to send the money or valuables home with a relative.  If not, they will be listed and locked in the Hospice safe.  A receipt will be given and the items will be available during office hours.

Please remember that unless your valuables are handed in for safekeeping, St Joseph’s Hospice will not be responsible for your property during your stay.

Where can I smoke?

Due to the risk of fire and explosion we do not permit smoking inside the Hospice building. This includes the ward areas, Day hospice and the Hub. You can smoke in the garden, where there is a smoking shelter.

Relatives and visitors are only permitted to smoke in the smoking area.


You may be offered a Chaperone to give reassurance and comfort during examinations that you might find embarrassing or distressing.

Do discuss this with the team caring for you.

What are your visiting hours?

We are aware of the impact restrictions are having on our patients and their loved ones and we review the situation in line with government advice on a regular basis.

We remain extremely concerned about the risk of infection spread, as lockdown eases further so we are making small changes.

However, it remains essential that we follow the UK Government advice about hand washing, wearing a face covering, social distancing and ventilation to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission to our patients, who are most vulnerable, visitors and our employees, by restricting the number of people on the ward.

We will be allowing restricted visiting for all patients at agreed time slots, with more open visiting if it is thought by the medical team that your loved one is in the last hours or days of life.

Please see the patient visiting leaflet for further information. 

How many visitors are allowed?

To reduce the number of people on the wards and lower any risk the following will apply:

For all patients

Providing each person  present s a negative Lateral Flow Test up to six nominated visitors  can visit  per patient for the duration of their stay with us. Children can be included as part of the six but must be closely supervised. Children under the age of 14 will not be allowed to visit after 8pm.

For a fixed twohour period per day – you will be given a two-hour time slot. There will be no visiting outside of this time slot. The same six people must visit each day. The visitors must be from the same household or support bubble. There can be no changes.

Your time slot will be shown on the back of this leaflet Please show this at reception when you arrive, visitors without a leaflet will not be admitted.

Visitors must abide by the following rules:

If your loved one has symptoms or confirmed COVID-19 you will not be able to visit for 10 days.

All visitors will need to complete a contact tracing form, you must give your name and telephone number. This information will be destroyed after 14 days.

Are there any special requirements for visitors?

You must wear a face covering before entering the Hospice and this must stay in place in all communal areas, or when interacting with our staff. It is good practice to wear your face covering at all times.

Visitors must not have symptoms of COVID-19 or have anyone in the household with symptoms.

We will check your temperature on arrival; if it is above 37.5c you will not be admitted.

Please wash your hands or use alcohol hand gel before entering the ward.

Please wear any personal protective equipment (PPE) that we give you.

Please do not congregate in communal areas anywhere in the Hospice, do not use the visitor kitchen, overnight stay room  or sitting areas.

Please bring your own snacks and refreshments.

Wash your hands or use alcohol hand gel on leaving the ward

Ensure you wash your hands when you return home. It is advisable, where possible to wash/ shower and change your clothes.

There is no visitor parking on the Hospice site between the hours of 8am and 9pm.

If there is any breach of the visiting guidance your rights will be relinquished.

Why are the time slots staggered?

The staggered time slots allow for social distancing and means that we never have the ward full of visitors at any one time. This helps reduce the possibility of cross-infection.

I have several other family members or friends who would like to visit

Sadly, for the reason explained above, we need to reduce the risk of cross-infection and protect all of our patients and the staff who care for them, therefore we cannot allow additional visitors or change to the visitors.

Can I visit for longer if my love one is in the last hours or days of life?

These six people can visit and stay with the patient throughout the day between 10 am to 8 pm but to meet the rules of the latest lockdown, and testing, visitors must be from the same household or be in a support bubble. Two nominated people from this bubble can stay overnight – this can be discussed with the ward manager or nurse in charge.

Will I be able to spend time with my loved one after death?

You and the other nominated visitor will be able to be with your loved one at the time of their death and stay with them for a few hours.


During this tijme it will not possible to view your loved one at the Hospice after they have died.

Can children visit?

Children can visit as part of the six nominated visitors but children under 14 are not allowed to visit after 8pm.

Can pets be brought in to visit?

We are currently not encouraging people to bring pets to the Hospice. Please speak to the person in charge of your care who will be able to advise you further.

Can I stay the night?

Two nominated people from the six people allowed to visit a patient may be able to stay overnight if the patient is in the last hours or days of life. Please discuss with the ward manage or nurse in charge.

Do you provide meals or drinks for visitors?

There is a visitor’s kitchen on the ward but it is currently not in use for health and safety reasons.

Our Cafe is open from 7.30am until 2pm Monday to Friday selling hot food and a range of not and cold drinks and snacks during the day. In the evening it is self-service.

Will you do my loved ones washing?

No, we do not have the facilities to do patients’ washing.

What can I do to pass the time?

There are televisions and radios, which are provided free of charge. Wi-Fi is available. We have DVD players, games and books. We have volunteers on the ward who can spend time with patients talking, reading, painting or creating items.

Who can I speak to if I am worried?

If you have any concerns or worries about what is happening to you please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.  If they are unable to help you themselves, they will endeavour to find someone who can.

Useful telephone numbers

Lourdes Ward is situated on the second floor.

To contact the ward directly call 020 8525 6022/6023

St Michael’s Ward is situated on the third floor.

To contact the ward directly call 020 8525 6020/6021

24/7 helpline – First Contact Team – 0300 30 30 400

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This leaflet contains information about how to take the test, where to obtain them and what to do when you get to the Hospice.