How it all started

The project began at St Joseph’s in 2014 and today is supporting hundreds of people across ten hospices in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.

Compassionate Neighbours supports people in Hackney and Tower Hamlets who are living with chronic life-limiting illness and those that are feeling isolated from their local community. They provide emotional and social support and develop natural, mutual friendships. 

 You can be matched to a Compassionate Neighbour on a one-to-one basis or attend one of our local social hubs where you can meet other people from your local community. Your Compassionate Neighbour will visit or meet with you for at least one hour a week. 

Compassionate Neighbours offer support by:- 

  • Visiting regularly 
  • Offering friendship and a listening ear 
  • Telephone support 
  • Supporting you to do the things you like and enjoy 
  • Supporting you to stay connected to your community, family and friends. 

Compassionate Neighbours are DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) and reference checked so you don’t have to worry. We encourage our Compassionate Neighbours to develop a sense of community and network through regularly monthly development sessions, coffee meet ups, WhatsApp groups and further training so that their experience as a Compassionate Neighbour enhances their life as well as the people they support. 

The Compassionate Neighbours are valued by those who are involved in the project. One of our Compassionate Neighbours recently told us

Compassionate Neighbours changes people’s lives. Long may the project continue to grow, its roots dig deep and become the lifeline it is, for all. You cannot put monetary value on this project, if I had to, I would say there is not enough money in the world it is priceless.” 
Compassionate Neighbours Meeting

How can I be supported by a Compassionate Neighbour?  

You can be referred  by:- 

  • A healthcare professional 
  • Family or friend 
  • Or self-referral. 

For more information about the project or to speak to one of the team please call 0208 525 6058 or email 



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Compassionate Neighbours is an award-winning social movement. It is a network of trained local people who offer support to their local community. The project began at St Joseph's in 2014 and today is supporting hundreds of people across ten hospices in London, Essex and Hertfordshire.