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Busting myths about life after retirement with Guido Waldman

To celebrate Older People's Day on Thursday 1st October, we invited translator, publisher and St Joseph’s Hospice volunteer Guido Waldman to come to our Day Hospice and speak about life after retirement.

We’ve seen our volunteers, patients and supporters achieve some fantastic things after they’ve retired, but we knew there was still a stigma attached to this time of life.

Guido’s story certainly busted any myths about boredom in retirement. Having spent his working life travelling the world as a distinguished translator and publishing editor, he eventually retired at 69. Faced with the option of a quiet life, or taking on new challenges to support the local community, Guido chose the latter.

Whether it’s chairing his Parish Council’s Youth Club, volunteering at night shelters or offering his services at St Joseph’s resident archivist, Guido has kept himself exceptionally busy over the years. He described his work at the night shelters as a “huge education” that enabled him to meet and form relationships with people from all walks of life – people he would never have encountered during his working life.

At St Joseph’s Guido is one of many fantastic, and very much valued, volunteers. He works as a ‘befriender’, chatting to patients and their families on the wards, and in the office as our archivist, helping us to computerise our records. He is also the editor of several Hospice publications. The work of our volunteers is invaluable to St Joseph’s , we simply couldn’t operate without them.

He melted the hearts of the audience when he told of one of the most significant events of his retirement – rediscovering his first love and rekindling their romance. It was a wonderful story proving that retirement really is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in life.

We’ll leave you with the wise words of Guido himself:

“Grannies and Grandads unite, with nothing to lose but your inhibitions!”

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