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Hospice stories

man in gym with physiotherapist

Albert Hunter, 77, Newham
When Albert was diagnosed with heart failure five years ago it was a bit of a shock. He was occasionally feeling tired but didn’t realise that it...


Lillian John aged 92, East Ham
Lillian was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer more than 9 years ago. She was receiving home visits from the Community Palliative Care Team at St...

lady having therapy at home

Lilly Lock, 57
Lily has scleroderma, a chronic disease that has badly affected her lungs and her breathing leaving her needing oxygen 24 hours a day. There is no cure and her...


Peter Whitehead, 92, Hackney
Peter has been a regular visitor to St Joseph’s Hospice for some years. He was first referred by his GP to the Heart Failure group in Finding...


Sarah Christie, Volunteer from Islington

How did you first come across St Joseph's Hospice? 
"My dad died here in 1995. He was in hospital and I...

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