The Seven Movies | St Joseph's Hospice

The Seven Movies

In the Summer issue of LIFE magazine we go behind the scenes of the seven movies we have made about the Hospice, its services, its people and what makes St Joseph's so unique. 

For those of us who work, volunteer visit or spend time at St Joseph’s Hospice as a patient or visitor, we know that it’s a place that provides compassionate care, support, joy, laughter and new friendships. But for people who have never experienced a hospice they may be afraid or just don’t know what to expect. 

So we decided that to dispel some of the myths surrounding hospice care, we need to show you what we do here. You can find our seven films at the links below. 

Jaqueline tells us what it's like being an inpatient and the difference we've made to her life.

Ian talks about his mum and why he fundraises in her memory.

We take a look at Day Hospice and see what they get up to there.

Roxanne talks about the importance of Community Care and why the demand will increase over the coming years.

We talk to Carolyne and Sr Maria about the heritage of St Joseph's and why we still live by the same values.

Our wonderful volunteers tell us what they love about St Joseph's Hospice.

Our CEO explains where our funding comes from and why we need everyone to help.

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