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The diagnosis, illness and grief of someone close can be deeply frightening and painful for children. Every year, around 100 young people are referred to our children’s services.

Our therapy services provide responsive, personalised support for children and their families at all stages of their journey. You would be amazed at the difference that one of our therapists can make in a child’s life; helping to unlock their worries and supporting them to understand what is happening to their loved one and the feelings they are experiencing.

You can help them by making a donation today.

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Help us to continue providing our additional therapy for children, like our 'Elephant Kits'

Alongside therapy, an “Elephant Kit” is often used to help open conversations within the family; an age-appropriate box of games, books and resources, which is carefully put together, tailored to the individual child, to help children deal with the difficult and powerful feelings they are experiencing.

But right now, we only have funding for this additional therapy until March 2024. We urgently need to raise £12,000 to ensure that this compassion and expertise is available to the children who will need it this year.

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They say elephants never forget – and your kindness today to children in East London will not be forgotten either. Thank you so much.

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January Children’s Bereavement Appeal 2024
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