We know it’s a big decision… but here is some information to help.

1 in 3 of our patients here at St Joseph’s Hospice are cared for as a direct result of money being left to the Hospice in a Will; providing vital income to ensure that we can continue to provide compassionate, specialist care to people living in East London who are living with a life-limiting illness.

Remembering us in your Will means caring for future generations and making a real difference. Without gifts in Wills from supporters like you, the care we provide wouldn’t be possible.

We know it is a big decision so we want you to have all the information you need, which is why we have created a Gift in Wills information pack that you can request for free.

Get a free Gift in Wills information pack

Our Gifts in Wills guide will give you all the information you need to start writing your Will, such as how to find a solicitor and specific wording you may need.

Free Will Writing Services

Whether you are writing a Will from scratch or are looking to update an existing Will, you’ll need to consult a solicitor or Will-writing professional.

We work with several reputable partners to offer free Will writing services both online and offline.

Will Writing Workshops

We run regular Will writing workshops with local solicitors where you can find out more about the Will writing process. You are under no obligation to use these solicitors going forward.

Frequently asked questions

We thought we’d share with you some of the questions that we receive from our supporters.

I already have a Will, how can I update it to include a gift to St Joseph's Hospice?

You can make small changes to your Will without re-writing it, by using a codicil. This is a document used to amend a Will. It must be witnessed in the same way as your Will but can be a cheaper and quicker way of updating your Will. Your solicitor can help you to add the codicil to your Will. Don’t make changes yourself as it could render your existing Will invalid if this isn’t done correctly.

What information do I need if I am including a gift to St Joseph's Hospice?

The information you’ll need is:
Our full name – St Joseph’s Hospice
Registered address – Mare Street, Hackney, London, E8 4SA
Registered Charity number – 1113125

How can I find a solicitor?

You can use one of our Will Writing Offers  to make or update your Will. If you prefer not to use any of these, the Law Society website is a good and safe place to find a solicitor near you:

Is making a Will complicated?

Making a Will can be more straightforward than you think, particularly if you’re making a simple Will. We recommend preparing beforehand by putting together all the information you need. You may wish to use our Will Planner  to do this. Once you have all the information, you should be able to get your simple Will completed in a single solicitor’s appointment.

What is the difference between a single and mirror Will?

A single Will is a Will for an individual. Mirror Wills are two separate Wills made by, for example spouses or partners – each of their Wills contain exactly the same wishes as the other.

How often should I update my Will?

It’s advisable to review your Will every five years, and after any major life events, such as the birth of children or buying a new house. It’s worth noting that marriage invalidates any previous Will, so you’ll need to write a new one if you get married. If you use our online service with Farewill, you can take out an annual subscription of £10 with them, which will allow you to update your Will whenever your situation changes.

Can I appoint St Joseph’s Hospice as my Executor?

St Joseph’s Hospice is unable to act as an Executor for your Will. The role is an important responsibility and often involves a great deal of work. As an organisation, we do not have the resources to deal with someone’s affairs and would need to hire external support, incurring additional costs. It’s also not advisable to appoint an individual at the Hospice, as this causes difficulties if they are no longer working with us when the time came to deal with your estate. We would recommend that you choose a trusted relative, friend or your solicitor to take on this task.  If you have any questions on executorship or administration of an estate/legacy, please email Lesley, our Legacy Officer or give her a call on 020 8525 3200.

How do I make sure my Will is valid?

  • You must make it voluntarily and without pressure from others.
  • You must have mental capacity. This means that you must be fully aware of the nature of the document you are writing and signing including the effect that it will have. You must also be aware of the estate mentioned and can easily identity the beneficiaries of your Will.
  • You must sign your Will in the presence of two witnesses. You all have to see each other sign the Will, so none of you can leave the room until your Will is both signed and witnessed. Make sure that the witnesses complete their names, addresses and occupations on the Will.

Who can witness my Will?

Anyone who is over 18 years old can witness your Will. They must however not be potential beneficiaries of the Will, spouses of beneficiaries or members of your family. If a witness is a beneficiary, the Will is still valid but the beneficiary will not be able to inherit under the Will.

Got a question or need more information?

If you would like more information about leaving a gift in your Will, our live talks or free Will writing services, please call us on 020 8525 3200 or email legacy@stjh.org.uk

If you are a solicitor or executor of a Will and need further information, please contact Lesley Cockburn on 020 8525 3200 or email L.Cockburn@stjh.org.uk

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