We have a wide range of services run by specialists who will work with you to reach agreed goals, helping you maintain your independence and control of your own health and life. 

During your stay, you can keep the same routines you have at home or adapt them with our support. You may want to try to improve some aspect of your physical health, mental health or diet for example. We have therapists on hand who can help you with whatever you need, even if your needs change while you are here. 

Who is eligible for Respite and Rehabilitation? 

We have  a wide range of services for different needs: 

  • Palliative  Rehabilitation – to enable you to live as fully and independently as possible
  • Carer respite – to give your Carer a break
  • Specialist multi-disciplinary team assessment – to ensure all your needs are met
  • Complex psychosocial/spiritual issues – we provide  counselling and  spiritual support
  • Supportive care,  including supportive self-management – looking at ways  to support you to live life as well as you can

Some types of admissions such as end  of life care, complex symptom management and  specific treatments are not appropriate for a planned respite and rehabilitation stay so please check if you are eligible for this service. 

  • If you have  specialist palliative care needs and  would benefit  from an admission under  one or more  of the categories above
  • You can  plan your admission weeks or months in advance, rather  than  an urgent admission
  • You are stable enough not to require daily review by our medical or therapies teams.
Patients who are usually not eligible:  
  • If you are awaiting  placement in long- term care  or living in long term care
  • If you require  specialist dementia care
  • If you need one to one care  all the time
How do I get a referral for a respite stay? 

Any health  or social  care  professional who knows  you can  make  a referral; your GP, social  worker,  district  nurse or a family member. You can also refer yourself.  We will discuss your referral and let you know if we are able to offer you a respite stay. 

To find out more about this service, or to book an appointment please call the First Contact Team on 0300 30 30 400. 


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