Learning Objectives

  • Use effective listening tools and techniques
  • Identify personal and professional boundaries
  • Maintain code of conduct
  • End conversations effectively
  • Signpost individual in a sensitive manner

Course Agenda

  • What stops us listening: Body language/Emotional Health Scale
  • Identifying behaviours:
    • Passive/aggressive / Passive-aggressive / Assertive
  • Difficult circumstances and situations: What causes difficult feelings and emotions? Emotional triggers/Anger and aggressions / Diffusing difficult and challenging situations
  • Setting boundaries: personal/professional boundaries
  • Code of conduct policy:
    • Principles / Interpersonal relationships / Hospitality / Profess and procedures
  • Signposting: to relevant member of the team
  • Ending conversations: Repetitive statements/phrases

Facilitator: Barry Lewis

Attendees: All welcome. External participants £90 per person