Facilitator: Barry Lewis
Attendees: All welcome. External Participants £90.00
Venue: Education Centre

Learning Objectives

  • Identify current strengths and development areas for their team
  • Create an effective team, what to do, how to do it and the roles needed
  • Develop and engage a team to make work more effective
  • Improve levels of performance of a team in a pressurised environment
  •  Building motivation and confidence of their team
  • Enhance their team with better working practices

Course Agenda

  1. Introduction & Expectations for the course
  2. Experiences of team working
  3. The definition of an effective team
  4. Creating an effective team
    • Observation of other teams
    • Identifying roles & responsibilities
    • Engaging and developing individuals into teams
    • Building confidence and motivation
    • Personal team effectiveness
  5. Open forum/Questions
  6. Action planning