Our fundraisers visit homes and venues across East London, giving people the chance to find out about our work and support us with a regular gift.

These campaigns are an essential source of much-needed funds and allow us to reach new supporters who we might not have had the opportunity to contact in other ways.

You can sign up to play our lottery at just £1 per week and have the chance to win a fantastic prize or support our nurses with a regular gift of whatever you can afford.  However you choose to support us, it will help make sure that we can continue to support our patients and their families in their time of need.

So if one of our fundraisers calls at your door, please be friendly!

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Meet our Face-to-Face Fundraisers

You can see the Local Hospice Lottery Face-to-Face Fundraisers for St Joseph’s Hospice by clicking this link.

You can see the Sponsor a Nurse Face-to-Face Fundraisers in the image below.


Face to Face Fundraisers

Unauthorised Fundraisers

We have recently become aware that there are people knocking on doors and asking for donations to the Hospice that are not legitimately collecting on our behalf, so we would advise you to be vigilant.

Please be advised that our fundraisers can be identified by:

  • Wearing an official St Joseph’s Hospice or Local Hospice Lottery T-Shirt
  • Carrying formal identification
  • Will NOT ask for cash/donations at the door

Local Hospice Lottery Fundraiser clothing and ID

James Briant St Joseph's HospiceScreenshot Polo FrontName Badge Jos







Sponsor a Nurse Fundraiser clothing and ID

Smile Fundraiser 1

Smile Fundraiser 3


If you believe that you have been visited by someone who is not an authorised fundraiser for the Hospice, please contact us on 020 8525 3200 or in the first instance.

Operating Hours

Our door-to-door fundraising is undertaken Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm including public holidays.

Door-to-door FAQ's

How do I check that the person calling at the door is legitimate?

We work with a reputable agency on our fundraising campaigns. Our fundraisers will always wear St Joseph’s Hospice branded T-shirts or other clothing and carry official identification cards including a photo and unique fundraiser ID number, both of which are required by law.

You can find the Local Hospice Lottery Face-to-Face Fundraisers for St Joseph’s Hospice here.

You can see the Sponsor a Nurse Face-to-Face Fundraisers in the image above.

If you require further reassurance, please get in touch with our Supporter Care Team via email at or telephone at 020 8525 3200.

Why do we run door-to-door campaigns to raise funds?

Door-to-door fundraising is a fantastic for us to engage with new supporters, enabling them to give regular financial support to our work. Individual donations are hugely important and vital for us to continue our work, caring for patients with life-limiting illness.

Direct-debit is a cost-effective way to donate as it allows us to keep our administrative costs to a minimum and regular financial support helps us to plan ahead.

Fundraising this way gives us the opportunity to meet new people who’d like to hear about our work and how we support people with life-limiting illness and their families. We understand that some people don’t like being asked to donate in this way and all our fundraisers are trained to recognise and respect when someone doesn’t want to engage with them. Our fundraisers aim to make people feel comfortable to say no so that you are empowered to say yes when it suits you.

What should fundraisers be asking for?

The fundraisers ask members of the public to support our work by making regular donations by direct-debit to Sponsor a Nurse. They should never ask for or be prepared to accept cash or cheque donations.

Do you have authority to fundraise in my area?

Before we fundraise in any area, we notify the relevant local authority.

How is this type of fundraising regulated?

The Fundraising Regulator is a self-regulating body that is dedicated to ensure high standards of quality, transparency and integrity in this type of fundraising.

They regulate fundraising activities and are used by charities and professional fundraising organisations to enforce a Code of Practice. We want to ensure that this a positive experience for the public.

St Joseph’s Hospice closely monitors its campaigns to ensure that their representatives adhere to the regulations and Codes of Practice set out by the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) and Fundraising Regulator.

For more information visit the IOF website and the Fundraising regulator website.

What are our door-to-door operating hours?

Our door-to-door fundraising is undertaken Monday to Sunday from 9am to 9pm including public holidays.

How to complain about our door-to-door fundraisers

We insist that all our door-to-door fundraisers follow the strict code of conduct laid down by the Fundraising Regulator. In the unlikely event that one of our fundraisers does not conduct themselves professionally, please contact our Supporter Care Team to make a complaint, including full details of the complaint with the address, date, time and fundraisers name, ID and details of their appearance if available:

By phone
020 8525 3200

By email

By post
Supporter Care Team
St Joseph’s Hospice
Mare Street
London E8 4SA

Do you have any other questions?

If you have any other questions or queries about our door-to-door fundraising campaign, please call us on 020 8525 3200 or email