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What we do

St Joseph’s Hospice first opened in 1905 and since then has been caring for and supporting people affected by serious illness. We try to improve the quality of life for people with life-limiting conditions and help them live life to the full, to the very end. Supporting families and carers is also an important part of what we do. St Joseph's is an independent charity, and only receives 56% of funding from the NHS. For the rest, we are heavily reliant on fundraising efforts and the kind generosity of our community.

Care we provide
We care for people living in North and East London and our hospice services include:

  • palliative care
  • nursing and medical care
  • emotional support
  • practical advice
  • physical and psychological therapies
  • spiritual care 
  • social and creative activities. 

Our staff are experts in caring for people who have life-limiting conditions or who are coming to the end of their life, and in supporting families and carers.

Where we provide care 
We provide care in a number of settings at the hospice and in the local community, including:

At the hospice

  • in-patient wards
  • respite ward
  • day hospice
  • out-patients clinic
  • in our community spaces

In the community

  • in patients' own homes
  • in care homes
  • in other residential settings

Please view our new Everything We Do flipbook to understand more about the services offered.

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