Virgin Sport Hackney Half Mapometer | St Joseph's Hospice

Virgin Sport Hackney Half Mapometer

Keep track of St Joseph's Team fundraising total with our handy mapometer. Each fundraising milestone you hit helps the hospice pay for vital supplies and care. 

Mile 1 £1,489 - syringe driver (used to administer painkillers and medication) and 32 boxes of syringes

Mile 2 £2,500 - specially adapted reclining armchair

Mile 3 £5,000 - one bed

Mile 4 £7,262 - a year's worth of catering for one bed

Mile 5 £11,154 - 3 days of nursing care on St Micheal's ward. 

Mile 6 £14,872 - Could pay for a Clinical Nurse Specialist in our Community Palliative Care Team for up to 5 months

Next target: 

Mile 7 - ???????


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