How to dedicate a leaf

How to dedicate a leaf and add your tribute in the Book of Remembrance 

  1. Choose the colour of your loved one’s leaf – pine green, silver, autumn gold or black.
  2. Decide what message you’d like on the leaf (minimum of 65 characters) and in the Book of Remembrance (maximum of 200 words).
  3. Decide how long you’d like it displayed at the Hospice. We currently have:
  • 3 years for a suggested donation of £150
  • 5 years for a suggested donation of £250
  • 10 years for a suggested donation of £450

Once the leaf is ready we’ll invite you to put it up on one of our trees in person. You can visit the Hospice whenever you like, thereafter to view your dedications. Towards the end of your chosen display option, we will get in touch to check if you’d like to continue displaying the leaf at the Hospice or to have it returned to you in a commemorative box, to keep at home.

Memory Tree

Further information

If you have any questions or would like more information about our dedicating a leaf or adding a tribute in our Book of Remembrance to your loved one, please email or call us on 020 8525 3200.