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Help protect St Joseph’s Hospice and our patients from the impact of coronavirus

Right now, it’s more important than ever that we can support those in their final days and weeks – many of whom are cut off from their loved ones.

The pandemic has seen demand for services increase, particularly for our community nursing team who support patients in their own homes, care homes, and residential settings. Our clinical staff are working tirelessly to reach these patients and we are also providing as much counselling and bereavement support advice by phone as we can.

Roxanne our Community Team Manager shared:

“It broke my heart when I recently visited someone whose carer had fallen ill and they hadn’t seen anyone for days. We are working extremely hard to reach these patients so that they can be supported and cared for when they reach the end of their life.”

Unfortunately, over the last six months, many of our fundraising events and activities have been cancelled because of the pandemic which has left the Hospice with a significant shortfall in our usual fundraising income. While the protection of patients, staff and visitors is paramount, we are troubled by the financial implications of the virus and the potentially damaging impact on the Hospice.

Please help us through this incredibly difficult period by making a donation to help ensure we can keep reaching those who so desperately need our care.

We are calling on you to support St Joseph’s Hospice during this critical time.
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