Visiting hours | St Joseph's Hospice

Visiting hours

What are your visiting hours? 

We have open visiting so you can visit any time. However, to protect the privacy and dignity of other patients we would prefer that you do not visit before 11am.

It is very important for patients to have a quiet environment for sleep.

You may be asked to leave at certain times, so that a member of staff can attend to the patients needs.  

Please be aware when personal care is being carried out with patients in our bay areas visitors may be asked to leave in order to protect the privacy and dignity of the patient. 

We do have protected meal times between 12.15  and 13.15 and 17.15 and 18.15 where visitors are only permitted if they are helping their loved one with their meal. This can be an ideal time to go and get yourself something to eat or drink. 

At times, for whatever reason, a patient may not wish to see any visitors.  If this is the case we won’t be able to allow you access to them.

If, as a visitor, you have certain health care needs, you need to discuss them with your own GP or temporarily register with a local GP. Any medication you take should be kept on your person.  In the event of an emergency we would need to send you to Homerton University Hospital  A & E department.

If you feel the need to be with a patient outside these hours, please discuss this with the nurse in charge each day. 

Can children visit?

Yes we welcome children, however, all children under the age of 14 must be accompanied  by a responsible adult at all times and children must not be left unsupervised.

We request that all children under the age of 12 do not visit after 8.30 pm. 

How many people can visit at one time? 

We don’t place any restriction on the number of visitors at one time, however please be sensitive to the needs of other patients. Please be aware that your loved one is likely to tire easily and may find a lot visitors at once difficult.  It may be preferable  to plan visits amongst yourselves so that a only a couple of  family/friends visit at any one time.

Can I stay the night? 

Yes, however it is not possible for everyone’s relatives to stay the night. We only have one overnight stay room, and respectfully request that people only stay overnight when their loved one is unwell or dying.  Please discuss this with the nurse in charge. 

If you do stay and take any prescription medication, please ensure that you have enough with you. We are not able to supply you with medication or food. 

Can I bring a pet to visit? 

Yes we welcome well behaved pets. Dogs must be kept on the lead at all times and if you are bringing cats or other pets they must be secured in a suitable pet carrier. 

Permission from the nurse in charge should be sought to bring a pet into the ward.

If the pet is going into a 4-bedded area the other patients must be asked if they are happy with it.  If not, we will try to make other arrangements so that the patient is able see their pet. 

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