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Spiritual care and support

Spiritual care is about sharing a journey with our patients, and supporting them in their hopes and fears, dreams, goals and religious beliefs.

We have a vibrant multi-faith Chaplaincy Team offering spiritual and emotional support to our patients, as well as to their families, carers and friends.

Our Chaplains are Roman Catholic, Anglican, Muslim, Jewish and Sikh. They are available to anyone needing support – those of a particular faith or none.

We can also arrange for the representative of any faith to come into the Hospice, if requested by a patient or family. Please let us know if you would like us to arrange this. 

There are daily services held in our beautiful chapel and you are welcome to make use of our multi-faith prayer room.

Our sacred spaces are always open and are ideal for quiet reflective or meditative time.

How to access these services
If you would like to talk to one of the Hospice Chaplains, please tell a member of staff.

You can also email the Chaplaincy Department at g.kinka@stjh.org.uk or call Gaila on 020 8525 6049

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