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Respite care

St Joseph’s Hospice also provides short-term, temporary care to people with life-limiting conditions who want to give their carers or families a rest from caring. This is known as ‘respite care’. Respite care is an opportunity to come into the Hospice for a planned break (1–2 weeks). This means:

  • we can review your medical and nursing needs
  • you can have a break from the routine at home
  • we can work with you to help you maintain your independence as much as possible
  • your carer can have some time out so that they can maintain good health and continue in their caring role

Respite care gives both our patients and their carers a rest and a chance to recharge their batteries. 

During your stay, you can keep the same routines you have at home or change them if you want. You might want to come in for a rest, or you may want to try to improve some aspect of your physical health. If you feel there is something you would like to change or improve we have therapists who can help you.

If, whilst on the ward, your needs change and you require more medical input then we will transfer you to another ward (usually within the Hospice) at the earliest opportunity. Your immediate needs are our first concern.

All of the hospice services and facilities at the hospice are available to you when you are staying at St Joseph's as a respite patient.

This service is provided entirely free of charge.

How to make a referral
You can ask your doctor, a community matron or a member of St Joseph’s Community Palliative Care Team (CPCT) to make a referral to our respite ward.

Alternatively, you can telephone our First Contact Team on 0300 30 30 400 to discuss further.


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Information for Your Stay

You may be anxious about coming to a hospice. While you are with us, we'll do everything we can to make your stay as comfortable as possible. This booklet will give you an idea of how to get here, what to bring with you, and what to expect when you arrive.

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