Our physiotherapy team  will support you in working towards the goals you may have,  to help improve  your quality of life and  maintain independence within the limitations of your illness.  This may be in one to one sessions, in a group  exercise and education class or in your own home. 

Our Physiotherapy team can  support you in a number of ways  so that you can  understand your condition and  take  steps to manage your symptoms. We provide  specialist advice and  guidance on managing shortness of breath, pain, fatigue, strength and  mobility. We can  help you to learn new techniques to reduce your symptoms and  improve your overall well-being. 

We also have  a volunteer led Empowered Living Team where we train volunteers to work with you in your home  using  a programme designed for you by our physiotherapy team. 

We also have  a number of groups that will help you with your balance and reduce falls and  that  will help you to self-manage your symptoms. 

First Contact Team

To refer call the First Contact Team on 0300 30 30 400 if you are not  seeing another St Joseph’s team.  

If you are already known to a professional from St Joseph’s, you can ask them to refer you.  


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