People react to different losses in different ways. You might find you:

  • feel shocked and numbed by your loss
  • find it difficult to accept your loss
  • feel lonely, depressed, anxious, angry and guilty
  • find it difficult to eat and sleep
  • find you are forgetful and confused
  • feel you may be ‘going mad’
  • find everyday problems difficult to cope with
  • feel you have lost your reason for living
  • feel unable to talk to family or friends

Be gentle with yourself. All of these are natural reactions to bereavement and not necessarily signs that you cannot cope.

During this time, you may need support from others. We provide counselling and group support to bereaved relatives and friends of people who have been cared for by St Joseph’s, whether in the Hospice or at home.

All support is free of charge and confidential.

We provide bereavement support and counselling, individually and in groups, for:

  • Bereaved relatives and friends of people who have been cared for by St Joseph’s, whether in the Hospice or at home
  • City and Hackney residents whose bereavements were not connected to St Joseph’s care
  • Haringey residents – please see our leaflet below for Haringey Bereavement Service
  • Islington residents – please see our leaflet below for Islington Bereavement Service

Bereavement Services

Two People Counselling

Bereavement counselling

You may find it difficult to talk about your loss with family or friends. Counselling with one of our team of staff and volunteers in one of our counselling rooms at St. Joseph’s can help. Appointments are usually once a week and last for 50 minutes.

Bereavement Telephone

Telephone counselling

If you prefer, we also provide counselling by telephone and video call. Appointments are usually weekly. Each session lasts for up to 50 minutes


Family therapy

Family Therapy offers bereaved couples and families an opportunity to come together to talk about their bereavement and think together and how they can best support and understand each other through their grief.

Womand And Group Talking

Bereavement support groups

You can meet other bereaved people who may have had similar experiences to you at one of our bereavement support groups. Groups give you the opportunity to share and explore your feelings and experiences with people who understand you, and listen to others’ experiences, so that you’re not alone with your grief. Our support groups meet in rooms at St Joseph’s Hospice and are led by experienced members of our team.

Meeting With Lynn

Bereavement social club

After a bereavement some people feel very lonely and isolated. Our social club meets twice a month at St Joseph’s. This is an opportunity to meet other bereaved people informally for a cup of tea and chat.

First Contact Team

To arrange for support from the Bereavement Service call our First Contact Team on 0300 303 0400 or email


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