You may already be coming to the Hospice for other services so we can tailor appointments that work for you. 

We also offer support to the families and carers of our patients and can make a referral to other services if additional support is needed. All our services are completely free of charge. 

What is palliative care? 

We want you to achieve the best quality of life for you and your family. We offer expert guidance on symptoms and can provide you with supportive care on physical, social, emotional and spiritual matters. Our teams can get involved at an earlier stage of your illness where there are persistent, complex issues. 

How to access services 

Outpatient services take place at the Hospice and are available to people living in City and Hackney, Newham and Tower Hamlets. We try our best to arrange appointments on a day and time that suits you and your family. Please arrange your own transport when coming in for appointments 

We also run a clinic in Newham fortnightly on a Thursday morning at East Ham Care Centre and hope to roll this service out to venues in Tower Hamlets in the near future.  

Your first visit 

Your first appointment will involve a physical, social and psychological assessment with the Outpatient nurse and sometimes another member of the Hospice team. Your appointment will take around an hour but if you get too tired we can continue another time.  

During this assessment we will take as much information as possible to help us deliver the care you need and to direct you to the range of services provide by the Hospice, including physiotherapy, complementary therapies. Psychological support, Day Hospice, social worker support, welfare and benefits advice and support groups. 

We will send a summary of your assessment to your GP the following day and a copy to you if requested. You can make follow up appointments either shortly after your initial assessment or some time later. 


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