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The Hospice's 114th Birthday

On Tuesday, 15th January, 2019, it was the hospice's 114th Birthday, and so, to mark the occasion, we took a cake trolley around to as many staff as possible, to share some very delicious Victoria Sponge!

In the afternoon, we hosted a Piano Recital for patients, visitors, staff and volunteers. Below are some photos from the tour and at the concert.

Thank you to all who helped to make the day a very special one, and thank to everyone who has made the last 114 years so magical.

I thought that, in this world of constant change, we could take a moment to reflect on the changes that have happened in the hospice’s life-time.

Over the last 114 years in the UK, the hospice has seen two World Wars, twenty-seven Prime Ministers, five Monarchs, hosted two Olympics and one Paralympics, seen women get the right to vote, witnessed a fantastic 4-2 World Cup win over Germany, the discovery of penicillin, 70 years of the NHS, and seen the UK enter the European Union and come out again (or will it!?).

There has been so much change, and we’ve changed too – we now see even more patients than ever; helping over 6,500 members of our community each year, but one thing has remained the same: to deliver on the mission set-out by the five Religious Sisters of Charity, who came to Hackney, from Dublin, wanting to “give to the poor, for love, what the rich could buy”, and that still remains, and will remain for the next 114 years – compassion at the heart of everything we do.

Happy Birthday, St Joseph’s Hospice.


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