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H.O.P.E. in Hackney for people living with the impact of cancer

The Live Well Information and Support team will be delivering two Macmillan H.O.P.E courses for 6 weeks at St Joseph’s Hospice, commencing: 
Every Tuesday from 7th May 2019                                                        
10am – 12.30pm                                                                                                                               
Education Centre, Room 2                                                                            
St Joseph’s Hospice,                                                                                       
Mare Street, London E8 4DA    
Every Thursday from 9th May 2019
1.30 – 4pm
The Garden Room
St Joseph’s Hospice
London E8 4SA
If you would like to refer and reserve a space or discuss a possible referral, please contact Genevieve Repino on 020 855 3220 g.repino@stjh.org.uk or Beverley John on 020 8655 3223 b.john@stjh.org.uk.
What is H.O.P.E? 
H.O.P.E stands for Help Overcoming Problems Effectively and is a FREE self-management support course for people living with the impact of cancer.  The course focuses on rebuilding self-confidence and learning proactive, self-management techniques to improve health and wellbeing.  It is also a great way for people who are going through or have been through the cancer journey to meet. 
We welcome self-referrals and people from all Boroughs. 
How can the H.O.P.E course benefit someone living with cancer? 
Feel more able to support others and share your own experiences to help you feel  less isolated
Feel reassured and able to recognise your own potential and enhance your happiness and quality of life
Feel more confident in dealing with emotional issues such as anxiety, anger, depression and uncertainty
Increase your ability to handle stressful situations
Discover how to use relaxation techniques to refresh your mind and body
Learn how to make plans and achieve goals that are important to you that can help you make changes for the better
Use the skills from the course to improve and help manage your life after cancer treatment 

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