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Happy Birthday Dear Peggy

Peggy has such a positive spirit and always looks on the bright side. She is kind and funny and has revolved her life around caring for others. Today it’s her 104th birthday and we are privileged to be caring for her!

Peggy was born in Ballyquin, Kilkenny, Ireland in 1914, she had two Sisters Mary and Josephine. She left home to work on a farm when she was just nine years old and continued farm housekeeping until she came to London in 1936 where she met her husband. She did her bit for the war effort, working in the N.A.A.F.I.

After the war she went on to have three children, William, Johanna & Eileen and she stayed at home to raise them. Until 1963 she lived in Notting Hill and witnessed the terrible race riots so she decided to move to Hackney. Sadly her husband died just a few years later.

She went to work in Lipton’s as a cook until she retired at the age of 65 but she didn’t put her feet up. She looked after her two grandchildren for the next eight years and she now has two great grandchildren.

Peggy was relatively fit and healthy into her 90s but then she developed osteoarthritis and kidney problems, and it was her turn to be cared for at home by family. This summer she became really frail and quite unwell so was admitted to St Joseph’s where she celebrates her 104th birthday today. She’s still quite a character and the nurses adore her, it’s lovely to hear about her amazing life.

A big Happy Birthday to you Peggy, we hope you have a fantastic day. Your family are truly blessed to have such an amazing role model.

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