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115 years of service

In 1900 five Sisters of Charity arrived in Hackney from Dublin in 1900, leaving behind their families and friends to help the poor and dying of East London. They were pioneering, brave women who, working with Father Peter Gallwey, and with a generous donation from our Jewish benefactor Grace Goldsmid, opened St Joseph’s Hospice in 1905.

Today we care for a diverse population of one million people in East London and we have some interesting facts for you.

1.   1900 was the year the Five Sisters came to Hackney
2.    £10,000 was the price paid by for the Hospice site in 1903
3.    In 1905 our Jewish benefactor Grace Goldsmid gave us funding to open the Hospice
4.    We serve a population of 1 million people
5.    In 2018/19 we cared for 6567 patients
6.    Our CPCT team made 3968 home visits last year
7.    We had 3952 outpatient appointments
8.    15,188 people called seeking our help
9.    52% of the patients referred to St Joseph’s are BAMER*
10.  42 different languages are spoken on any given day
11.  37% of our patients do not declare a religion
12.  24% of are patients are Christian
13.  13% of our patients are Muslim
14.  11% of our patients are Catholic
15.  50,000 hours are contributed by our volunteers each year

Here’s to the next 115 years!




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