We urgently need to buy two reliable, safe cars - and you can help today

Your support in 2020 kept us going; thank you. It’s been a really difficult time, but knowing you were there made us determined to keep providing the best end of life care to people who need it.

And we were managing brilliantly until, towards the end of 2020, one of our two cars used to carry out home visits broke down. Our community care team were devastated.

Will you join our Jump Start 2021 appeal to help buy two new cars, so we can visit more patients at home who need urgent end of life care?

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Our Goal

Find out why funding two new cars is so important to us.

Play our Raffle

By playing our ticketless raffle, you could win a whopping £500 cash prize and at the same time help towards getting our community team back on the road.

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Make a difference with a Jump Start 2021 Donation

Make a difference with a Jump Start 2021 Donation

Every penny counts, so whatever you are able to give will make a difference. Together, we can jump-start the year - and get our community care teams back on the road.

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Help us buy two new cars!

Many patients choose to receive care at home. You can imagine why. Every precious moment with loved one is special. Even looking out your bedroom window, onto your own garden or view, can be so important.

Right through the pandemic, our nurses are out in all weathers, seven days a week, to help with pain, breathlessness and nausea. They support people with social and emotional care. They ensure patients living in their own homes have the best quality of life possible.

These dedicated nurses were visiting up to 60 patients a week to provide vital medical care. But then, our car broke down – and everything changed. 

We’re now down to just one car, which itself has seen better days and is constantly in need of repair. And if that car is in use, our nurses travel by public transport, or taxis. 

It’s not right, and it’s certainly not sustainable. Think of our committed nurses, battling to catch the right to bus or clocking up miles in a taxi, when they would rather see that fare spent on patient care.

The journeys take so long, too. With a car, nurses can visit seven patients a day. On the bus, they can only visit three people needing vital care.

We urgently need to buy two reliable, safe cars. 

  • Two cars mean we can visit vulnerable ‘shielded’ patients at home
  • The vehicles will take our nurses to visit more than 2,400 patients a year
  • They’ll be on the road every day, 9am to 9pm, to visit patients in their homes
  • Nurses will have more time with patients, as car journeys will be faster and efficient
  • The cars will be electric and environmentally friendly