Day Hospice at Christmas

With our Day Hospice service being one of the first palliative day services to reopen in the UK following the national lockdown, Manager Amy tells us how the team are preparing for a festive season to remember…

Day Hospice Patient With Coffee

Laughter, joy and friendship are all shared experiences for those who attend the Day Hospice, Day Hospice Manager Amy Outingdyke tells us. St Joseph’s Day Hospice gives patients the opportunity to spend one day a week at the Hospice to access a range of support, from symptom advice and advanced care planning, to spending time getting to know others with similar circumstances. Patients might choose to have a massage, go to the gym, or explore their creative side through art.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our Day Hospice was forced to temporarily suspend its services for the first time. Staff had to find new, innovative ways to provide emotional support to vulnerable patients while they were shielding safely at home. It was a difficult period for patients, as Amy explains that many felt socially isolated and anxious about how they might get hold of their groceries and other necessities.

The Day Hospice team continued to be there for patients, scheduling regular phone calls, and sending monthly newsletters filled with important self-care tips and tricks, uplifting prose, and plenty of cheesy jokes to keep spirits high. The team extended their care to provide remote support with arranging food deliveries, and even advocated to assist one patient to move into a new home!

After several uncertain months, the Day Hospice reopened – making it one of the first palliative day services to reopen in the UK. According to Amy, the emotions her, her team and the patients felt were akin to children on Christmas morning! They have made necessary arrangements to comply with government safety regulations, and are proud to say that feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and attendance high.

… These adaptations have also stretched to mean that Day Hospice can host Christmas Parties for patients this year – and thanks to the team at Asda Leyton Mills, will be gifted with something sweet to enjoy this festive season!

For more ways you can support St Joseph’s Hospice this Christmas, click here.

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