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A Tale of Two Rons

Ron (89) has lived in Hackney all his life with his wife Rosina and their two sons. He started his working life as a roofer but it often took him away from home and he missed his wife and sons so he got a job at the Post Office where he stayed for many years.

They had a good life, with grandchildren and then great grandchildren completing his family.

Rosina sadly died around 4 years ago and Ron really misses her company. His family don’t live too far away and they often pop in to visit him which he really looks forward to.

Around 3 years ago Ron was diagnosed with oesophageal cancer. He was lucky enough not to need chemotherapy but he can’t eat solid food these days and he has had a couple of operations to ensure he is getting enough fluids.  He misses his food and often watches cooking shows wishing he could eat some of the lovely meals they make.

Ron heard about St Joseph’s through his next door neighbour who is also called Ron who told him about the amazing care at the hospice and he decided that it would be good for him too. He went to see his GP who spoke to the hospice and he was offered a place at Day Hospice where he comes once a week. He loves it.

While at the hospice he’s had massages and feels really comfortable here, he likes the activities and particularly the bingo. He only has a walk in shower at home and he really missed having a bath. He mentioned it to the nurses in Day Hospice and they arranged for him and to have a long soak in a bubbly bath, he didn’t want to get out! He’s hoping for another one really soon.

The two Rons always look out for each other. They knock on the other’s door or look through the window and call out “You OK Ron?” “Yes I’m OK Ron”. As long as they got a response they're happy that all is OK.

The other Ron is now an inpatient on Lourdes Ward at the hospice. He’s quite sick so the nurses are looking after him. Ron has popped in to see him and he’s happy that he’s being well cared for and he is comfortable.

Ron knows that he won’t get any better and when the time comes he wants to come to St Joseph’s, he said “You can’t fault it here. The staff, the cleanliness and the care they give you is wonderful. Everyone has time for you, it’s fantastic. I’m so glad my mate Ron told me about St Joseph’s. I’m a happy man.”

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