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Lynne's story

When Lynne was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 at just 51 she wasn’t too worried as it was found early. She had a partial mastectomy and radiotherapy and got on with her life with her three children.

Last year, Lynne had really bad pain in her back and a bone scan detected secondary cancer in her bones; the cancer had spread and, although manageable, was no longer curable.

She was given chemotherapy but had a severe reaction and at one point her doctors thought she would die; her children were called in to say goodbye. Lynne somehow managed to survive and two months later she was referred to St Joseph’s Hospice. She knew of St Joseph’s as her dad had died here in 2015. He’d only spent a day here but Lynne found it calming and the staff very loving.

Lynne isn’t an in-patient, she comes to use some of our services which have really helped her. She’s been coming for over a month now, 3 days a week. On a Wednesday she comes to our day hospice, which she loves; there are singalongs, art, pottery and great company. She’s one of the younger patients but enjoys chatting with some of the older patients who have some fascinating stories to tell; she’s learnt a lot from them. On the other days she has a massage, counselling, goes to group gym, has one to one physiotherapy and sees a lymphedema specialist as she has swelling in her legs.

Lynne said “When I came out of hospital I was depressed about everything that was happening to me. Coming to St Joseph's has really helped with that as I have other things to think about now. I’ve just joined a new Pain Management group which has been really helpful for me. It’s really good fun and interactive, and I really look forward to going, it’s fascinating the different techniques that are used in pain management. In fact I really like coming to all the groups and the food is great, much better then when I was in hospital!”

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