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John's story

John Fevrier, 40, London Fields

John, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, was referred to St Joseph’s Hospice by his Occupational Therapist.

Before that he didn’t know about St Joseph's or what we do here. He used to spend a lot of time indoors and he wanted to get out into the community a bit more and meet people. John is married with 3 kids and gets a lot of support from his wife and the kids but she works full time and the kids are grown up and do their own thing.

What support are you getting from St Joseph’s Hospice?

For the first couple of weeks I came to the Day Hospice we did some unusual activities which one week involved writing letters to animals. Alison who is a Healthcare Assistant there said “stick with it John, it’s not always like this”, although I quite enjoyed it. I’ve settled in well, there’s always someone on hand to answer any questions you have.

Was there anything that surprised you about St Joseph’s Hospice?

I come to Day Hospice every Tuesday and I really like it. You get talking to people and you’re not talking about your illness, or thinking about it, you’re just having a good time. It’s a really nice, relaxed environment.

I also attend Neuro group and see a counsellor. It’s great to be able to talk to someone outside the family and it helps put my thoughts into perspective.

If someone was referred to the hospice and was nervous about coming here – what would you tell them?

Forget about the hospice bit, you’re going to St Joseph’s it’s a really friendly, warm environment. To be honest when I came here it blew me away it’s a real eye opener. I’m so glad I found it, 100%.

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