Where the patient feels at ease

We aim to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere so that patients and their families immediately feel at ease as soon as they arrive in the new ward. When patients first come to us, they are often in pain and are also anxious about being away from their own homes.

Your support today will help provide a modernised and updated room in the new ward complete with state-of-the-art medical facilities, so that every patient can receive outstanding care for many more years to come.

Ward Referb22

A world of difference with your support

Our patients will really feel at home in our newly renovated patient room which will be complete with fresh colours, art, beds, lighting, radiators, furniture and a new entertainment system with TV and radio programmes in the languages that they choose. Your support will help make a world of difference for patients and their families.

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Please can you make a donation today to help modernise and improve the ward?

Here are some before and after images of how we expect the patient room within the new St Michael’s Ward to look.

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Ward Refurbishment Campaign 2022
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