The London 2012 Summer Olympics, held here in East London, inspired a generation of young people. The East End and the rest of the country came together over the games, with the emphasis of community values at the heart of the Games leaving a legacy still felt in these boroughs 12 years later. This summer, we’re encouraging schools and clubs to support St Joseph’s Hospice on their Sports Day, to help promote community values, such as giving, communication and teamwork, championing the memories of 2012.

Our super-sporty fundraising team will do all we can to support you, your colleagues and your participating children. We’ll deliver free fundraising packs, help you plan your Day, deliver age-appropriate talks & lesson plans, and even provide a trophy for Sports Day award presentations.

We’re challenging each child to raise £3. Fundraising is optional, as we understand not everyone is in a position to hit our £3 target. Each child will receive a fundraising pack, regardless of their ability to fundraise.

Pictured: The 2012 London Olympics Torch passing St Joseph’s Hospice on its way to the Olympic Park, Stratford

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Why take part?

By hosting a Sports Day for St Joseph’s, you’ll be helping to build your school or club’s awareness of how charities support people in our local community. We aim to help educate pupils in our community by promoting fun, inclusive and educational activities, which champion teamwork, communication and a healthy active lifestyle.

We are a registered charity, and need to raise around £16,000 per day in order to meet our running costs.  Taking part in the Sports Day for St Joseph’s Hospice is an amazing way to give back to a local charity whilst doing your annual Sports Day.

We can deliver age-appropriate presentations about St Joseph’s Hospice for your school or club, or we can come along and support you on your Sports Day. We’re also on hand to help make your day a success, and our team are available to provide fundraising advice, ideas and teamwork-based challenges.

We’ll provide each child with a free fundraising pack which includes:

  • A sustainable silicon ‘Sports Day for St Joseph’s Hospice’ wristband
  • Sports Day certificate
  • Sports Day sponsorship form
  • A customisable poster
  • Information for you to pass on to parents and guardians.
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Get involved:

All money raised for St Joseph’s Hospice will help us continue to serve those in East London and the City that need us most this Summer, supporting people and families

Interested? Contact us today to sign up:

Our Community Fundraiser, Charlie Lewis-Jones, is on hand to support you across planning and delivering your Sports Day. Email at or call 020 8525 3200


Can you assist us on our Sports Day?

We’d love to. Get in touch, and we’ll happily help with you on before, after and on the day. We can help plan your day, provide ideas, and offer fundraising advice. We’re also able to deliver age-appropriate talks, and deliver cheque presentations too.

Can you recommend some fun, innovative and challenging activities?

We can! Try a St Joseph’s 4-Legged Race, we recommend this as it requires great teamwork, similar to that shown by our fantastic nurses every day. Give us a shout for more activity ideas that show the similarities between sporting competition, and the everyday challenges faced by St Joseph’s staff.

Can you support us with the fundraising?

Our fabulous fundraising team are on hand to do all they can to help you, your kids and their parents hit their fundraising goals. Please remember that there are NO fundraising commitments, and every child will receive a free fundraising pack regardless of their ability to fundraise. Get in touch with our team for some great ideas to boost your fundraising!

Can we share photos / tag you in social media?

Please do!

We’re St Joseph’s Hospice on Facebook, and @stjohospice on Twitter and Instagram.


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