'Good Grief' Exhibition

Thursday, 12th July 2018

Join us at Joe's Gallery for our new exhibition called 'Good Grief'.

The St Joseph's Hospice Writers' Group have put together the very best of their poems and writing into a meaningful and reflective new book called 'Good Grief'. The exhibition gives an overview of what is featured in the book, which will be available to buy in Joe's Café over the next few weeks, priced at only £7.50, with proceeds going to the Hospice.

The exhibition provides a sneak peek into the book, and also offers an ambient atmosphere were you can contemplate the writers' feelings in the environment that inspired many of them to take pen to paper.

Book Launch on Thursday, 12th July at St Joseph's Hospice

Meet the authors who have taken death and grieving to a level of acceptance that encapsulates Life. Pushing beyond the boundaries of struggle with grief, they share how they have accepted the passing of a Known and Loved One to comfort and inspire us.

This book is a must for all who want Death and Dying to be a healthy part of Life.

Please feel free to join us in one of the two sessions we're holding that day between 2-4pm and 6-8pm.

Good Grief

A collection of writings embracing: Wisdom, Comfort, Compassion, Inspiration & Hope.

The collection of writings comes from the hearts of people who have experienced the pain of death and the loss of a loved one. They share their thoughts and feelings, through poems, prose, letters and conversations. Created through the pain of grief, the expressions offer peace and relief to all who have loved and lost.

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