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An enlightning visit

It was in January this year that Fozia Ahmed and some of the members of the Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Centre Mosque got in touch with St Joseph’s Hospice and asked if they could come and visit.

When they arrived they brought chocolates and beautiful flowers for the patients. Robyn, our Community Fundraiser accompanied the party on a tour of the hospice and they were amazed by the work we do here and the multi-culturalism of the patients and staff and how everyone’s needs are catered for.

Coffee and fundraising

After the visit Fozia spoke to a brother in charge of the I care department and told him about the amazing work at the hospice and the reason why she chose St Joseph’s, because we have to raise almost 50% of funds to keep the hospice running. He agreed and raised it at several different mosques. Fozia and her colleagues visited for a second time in October where she met some of our Day Hospice patients and again brought flowers and chocolates, spending ages chatting to the patients.

It’s been a special privilege for St Joseph’s to work with the UK Islamic Mission network at Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Centre Mosque in Barking. Through one coffee morning alone they raised £170 and also arranged a series of collections by the local mosque. The Muslim community has raised a massive £2,128. They have also donated a gift parcel of Avon products for the patients.

We look forward to working with the UKIM in the future, helping to build closer community bonds here in East London and support our work in caring for our end of life care patients here in Hackney.

About the UK Islamic Mission

The Masjid Ibrahim Islamic Centre Mosque is part of the UK Islamic Mission which was formed in 1962 by a small group of Muslims. They met in a Mosque in London to discuss the need for an organisation in Britain to cater for the needs of the new growing Muslim community arriving in the UK.  Their aim is to serve humanity and contribute to building a good society.  As part of this they developed a charitable relief and welfare programme in the UK and overseas and they support mainstream UK charities.

UKIM promotes and encourages mutual appreciation and friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims. Through its work, it aspires to see all citizens, irrespective of their colour, background, ethnicity, economic class and political affiliation, to live in dignity and peace with each other.

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