You may be surprised to hear that St Joseph’s has a drinks trolley that does the ward rounds twice a day to offer patients free alcoholic and soft drink refreshments.

Run by volunteers, it’s a much loved service that can make a patient’s day, providing the chance to stop for a chat with them, as well as their family and friends.

“I remember when my dad first went into St Joseph’s, he had always enjoyed a glass of wine with his dinner and we asked if we could take him a little something in. “No problem” we were told but they then went on to tell us about the drinks trolley. So dad went on enjoying his glass of wine. Also I can never thank the team at St Joseph’s enough for making his 80th birthday so special. Afterwards I did donate some unopened bottles which they accepted. It was nice to know that others may have enjoyed a tipple from these.”

The trolley is entirely funded by donations, so if you’d like to help so that patients can enjoy their favourite tipple please donate here.

We are also looking for more volunteer drinks trolley hosts. No previous experience required, apply here.

Thank you for your support.

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