Mission and values | St Joseph's Hospice

Mission and values

Our Mission is:

To treat each individual as unique
Valuing them without distinction or judgement
Respecting their culture
Respecting their beliefs – be they religious or otherwise

To enable all to reach their full potential until death
Valuing what they have to offer
Respecting the autonomy of the individual
Encouraging them to participate in their own care, together with their family and friends

To confront the patient’s pain and distress whether physical, mental, social or spiritual
Through close co-operation between all of the disciplines involved in the care of the patient and family members

To encourage openness and honesty when communicating with the patient and family members
By respecting the patient’s wish to question or remain silent
By respecting the patient’s confidentiality at all times

To create an atmosphere where healing can occur
Through meeting the patient’s needs as a person
Through accepting the terminal dimensions of the illness
Through a holistic approach of care

To show particular concern for staff at all levels
Through consultation and participation in decision making
Through staff support

To be committed to education, research and an ethical approach to care
Through the work of the Study Centre and Ethics Committee
Ensuring that research projects are carried out when deemed appropriate

To be committed to the development of palliative care
Throughout the United Kingdom and further afield

To participate actively in National Associations
Of the various palliative care disciplines – medical, nursing, social work and chaplaincy

Core Values of St Joseph’s Hospice 

Respect for Human Dignity 
We respect human dignity when we:

  • Respect the sacredness of life
  • Care for the whole person 
  • Demonstrate unity of purpose, while recognising individual differences 
  • Value each person’s contribution 
  • Act in a culturally appropriate manner

We provide service when we:

  • Create an environment of welcome and hospitality 
  • Promote quality care and excellence 
  • Encourage and demonstrate team spirit 
  • Recognise the value of individual initiatives and ideas 
  • Show openness to constructive criticism and feedback

Care of the Poor and Vulnerable/Advocacy 
We care for the poor and vulnerable when we:

  • Listen attentively to identify unmet needs 
  • Respond in a practical way to those in need 
  • Collaborate with others to share resources 
  • Create access to needed services
  • Provide basic resources for daily living to those in need

We show compassion when we:

  • Act with understanding and sensitivity 
  • Work cooperatively with others 
  • Are available to those we serve and to each other 
  • Respect and nurture the environment

We promote justice when we:

  • Act with integrity 
  • Respect the rights of others 
  • Take responsibility for our actions 
  • Preserve resources 
  • Provide quality without extravagance 
  • Demonstrate fairness in decision making 
  • Affirm celebrate and develop the gifts and talents of each person 
  • Model justice in all aspects of business practice

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